4MyCycle Bike Covers Launched on Amazon

4MyCycle Bike Covers

APC Marketing has added to their range of Bicycle Accessories available on Amazon.

** Important Note: Due to a product update during 2015, the 4MyCycle Bike Covers 190T and 210T were updated and enlarged with dimensions now: 82 inches long x 44 inches high (at handlebars) x 27 inches wide (at handlebars) x 31.5 inches high (at saddle). Other enhancements are as described on the Amazon listings referred to in the video, and elsewhere on this website.

Get Yourself a 4MyCycle Bike Cover !!!

A range of 4MyCycle Bike Covers has been released for exclusive sale on Amazon.com, selling to cyclists in the United States of America.

The 4MyCycle Bike Covers come in a large size suitable for all Mountain, Road and Cruiser Bicycles.

The range comprises both Heavy Duty 190T and Extra Heavy Duty 210T models.

The two models are easily distinguishable, the 190T comes in Royal Blue & Silver, whilst the 210T is presented in Black & Silver.

Manufactured from a Polymer fabric and treated with a Polyurethane waterproof coating, these covers provides high quality all weather protection for your bike.

The inner surface of the cover is a soft, abrasion resistant surface kind to bike surfaces.

The covers are waterproof against normal rain events – whilst air flow through integrated moisture release vents dissipates any condensation forming under the cover when storing for extended periods.

The covers are constructed to allow for secure fitting with an elasticized skirt and is also provided with a central security webbing and clasp.

A storage bag is provided – to keep the bike cover secure and clean during periods when not in use, thus protecting your investment.

4MyCycle Bike Cover Product Specification & Feature Lists:

For Product Specification and a  list of Features for the individual 4MyCycle Bike Cover 190T and 4MyCycle Bike Cover 210T, please click on the following links:

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