4MyCycle Mini Bike Pump Launched on Amazon

The CEO of APC Marketing launched the 4MyCycle Mini Bike Pump for exclusive sale on Amazon.com on 24th July 2013, selling to cyclists in the  United States of America.

The 4MyCycle Mini Bike Pump is constructed of 100% CNC Aluminum and is perhaps the lightest, toughest and most rugged frame mounted pump available on Amazon today weighing in at an amazing 3.28 ounces.
As you know, every ounce counts climbing those hills! Suitable for all Mountain, Hybrid and BMX Bikes.

An Integrated Dust Cap keeps the valve head clean and a Secure Frame Mounting Kit ensures that your pump arrives with you ready to use, no matter the terrain or action you have encountered on the way.


• Light Weight, Compact Construction
• Weighs in at a tiny 93g or 3.28 ounces!
• Only 7.5 inches long – easily Frame Mounted or stows in most bike frame bags
• Secure Frame mounting kit ensures you don’t lose your pump on rough rides
• Rating – 7bar/ 100psi
• Handle lock keeps pump secure until you twist it open ready for use
• Lifetime replacement warranty
• Hassle-free PET recyclable blister pack

Product Specification

• Barrel construction – CNC Aluminum
• Handle construction – machined CNC Aluminum
• Head construction – CNC Aluminum
• Valve Lock Tab – CNC Aluminum
• Integrated dust cap
• Low weight 93g – 3.28 ounces
• Capacity 7bar/100psi
• Schrader and Presta Valve compatible
• Includes Needle attachment for all inflatable balls


4MyCycle Mini Bicycle Pump 4MyCycle Mini Bike Pump Mounted on Bike Frame


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